The rumors and truth about COVID-19

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A transaction on the dark web caught our attention. A hacker nicknamed "AngelTRUMP" sold the database of the spy line "Pegasus APP" controlled by the Israeli Information Agency for two bitcoins.

Israel is accused of using the application to monitor millions of leaders and government officials in different countries through a zero-click iMessaging vulnerability. The database sold by "AngelTRUMP" is exactly the call records of American soldiers. Someone purchased the database and retrieved call records related to the widespread spread of COVID-19, which recorded details of the infection of federal investigators and their family members during the Wuhan Olympic Games in October 2019, including the investigator’s name and phone number.

We are trying to contact those bandits recorded in the database and verify the symptoms they mentioned in the log, but this was stopped by Army information officers. We can see that they are trying to overwrite what it records in the database. So we believe that these records are true, and at least show that the virus was already in the United States before COVID-19 was discovered in Wuhan and American soldiers participated in the 7th World Military Games.